Pike project - BETA

Some of the anonymous nodes and exit points are source of cyber attacks and spam messages.
In case you run sensitive online project, then you might consider monitoring or blocking the traffic originating from this networks.

Our service

We provide a service that will give you the latest participants from this networks. It's up to you how you will use this data.
Monitor those visits, add constraints to them, block them, prepare special services for them...
This service doesn't use any another 3rd party developed SaaS, it takes data directly from anonymous networks.
In case you have any type of question regarding this service or you need self hosted version of it, idea for plugin for some wide used system, feel free to drop us a note. contact[at]hqpeak[dot]com


Free: Tor nodes list with the active nodes in the last 48h updated 10 minutes ago.

GET http://pike.hqpeak.com/api/tor

Free: Public proxy list with the active nodes in the last 48h updated 10 minutes ago.

GET http://pike.hqpeak.com/api/proxy

Free: Data centers ip ranges that allow running anonymous services.

GET http://pike.hqpeak.com/api/range

Free: Service used for faster verification of google, bing, yahoo and yandex crawlers. Still follow procedures as User Agent verification, but calling reverse and forward DNS verification procedures will be on minimum and on rare cases. You save important server resources and improve execution/response time of your service.

GET http://pike.hqpeak.com/api/bot

Free version of this services is almost the same as premium (except range service, only 10% of the data) during beta period. When we go live, constraints will be added to the accuracy of the free service e.g. data will be 2+ days old.

Premium: Realtime, historic, different service format, geo location based filtering service and anything you need is avaliable for the premium users. If you want to become premium user feel free to contact us contact[at]hqpeak[dot]com

Integration with popular content management systems

Instant protection and anonymous traffic limitation for your favorite CMS/eshop.

Samples using services

Free version delivers only json encoded data.

How to use json free service demo